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Monday, October 11, 2010

Healthy Weight Fantasies/Goals

First off, I wanted to say another quick thank-you for all of the supportive comments I received on my last blog post. Each one of them was very helpful. Weight loss can seem like an awfully lonely endeavor at times. I guess this is because at the end of the day we each have to face whatever demons led us to this predicament in the first place. I know my journey is about so much more than calories in vs. calories out and exercise...although that's a big part of the equation as well. I managed to stay on plan since my last post (did not exercise Thursday and Friday though), although I felt like the wind was let out of my sails. I feel like I am beyond a point where I can backtrack. So, I am making yet more lifestyle changes...getting up earlier to allow for some elliptical.

On a lighter note...

I just wanted to share a few *healthy weight* fantasies/goals that seem to help when I get the urge to eat, or feel a little tired/fed up...which has been a little to often lately, but I'm coming out of my self imposed funk. These are things that I picture myself being able to do (usually with my little girl) with relative ease once the weight has been shed, and each one is a very reasonable and attainable goal...

1. Kayaking...I have always wanted to learn how to kayak. Right now I just wouldn't fit comfortably.  Lake Washington is within walking distance of my house. I drive past people during their kayak lessons all the time. I would love to be able to do this with my daughter someday. I have always found the water to be very peaceful. This one also includes swimming in public.

2. Hiking...I used to be an avid hiker. I would have to say hiking is my recreational exercise of choice. There is just something about being in the woods that recharges my batteries. I know that taking off the weight will do my joints a world of good, and allow me to take long hikes again, without such a risk of injury. There are so many trails in my area just waiting to be explored.

3. Disney World!!! I went there once when I was eleven-years-old, and I have been trying to get back ever since. Now that I am a parent I have an even more plausible excuse to go. :0) I love that kinda stuff, and am a kid at heart. This one also encompasses my roller coaster fantasy. I used to go to Cedar Point once every summer as a kid, until I got too big for the rides. I know a lot of heavy people miss amusement parks.

4. Biking...I kept popping the tire of the last bike I owned. I was 250 lbs then. Maybe I needed a better bike? Anyway, I would love to get one of those parent/child tandem bikes. I see them all the time. Along with lots of hiking trails in my area are tons of biking trails.

5. Martial arts....just something I have always wanted to try. I want to take a class with my daughter. I think it will be a wonderful tool for building confidence.

What I like about these fantasies/goals is that they involve recreational exercise (my very favorite kind of exercise). I actually picture myself doing these things when I need a boost, and not a single one of them is far fetched...someday I will be doing each of them on a regular basis (besides Disney of course, but wouldn't that be fun?) Some of my access to these things right now is due to the fact that my daughter is only 16-months-old....but honestly, if she was eight and I was still this heavy I doubt I'd be doing any of the activities I mentioned.

All this being said, I believe that the time to live is now. I keep trying to push myself to find new parks and activities to explore. But, I take comfort knowing that I'm working so hard to stay on a path that will open up my world.

Take care,