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Monday, October 4, 2010

Keeping the Lid on the Id

Taken Saturday on ferry going to Bainbridge Island, WA

I had a tough week off and on working through crazy eating urges, but managed to stay 100% on plan, and lost another four pounds. I kept on asking myself what I was really feeling when the desire to eat rose to the surface of my brain. Usually, the answer was stress. I would go into all of the particulars of my life, but I didn't make this blog anonymous. Just the run of the mill boring everyday stuff. 

Stress will always be a presence in all of our lives. At this point, eating through it is no longer an option. I feel a moral responsibility to be healthy for my control the things that I can control. When I was single I lived in constant fear of giving into my urges to eat (especially after losing a lot of weight). I didn't want all of my progress to slip through my fingers.

Now, I feel an almost unshakable resolve. It's still tough as hell. So, my resolve isn't about me thinking weight loss is easy, because it is not. My resolve comes from the fact that the stakes are so high. I always try to keep that in mind.

Keep going strong,



  1. Nicely put Angie...the stakes are definitely high, it's just that the dangers from being overweight aren't imminent so we tend to put it in the back of our minds that we should lose weight but never get round to it - i can completely relate to that...but hey, we are now doing it, so it's all good.

    Good to here your resolve is strong because you are bang on the money when you say weight loss is tough as hell - i quit smoking over 3 years ago, and that was a breeze by comparison!

    Keep on keeping on Angie.

  2. Even when we have un-shakeable resolve, this journey takes grid and determination. You are doing graet. Four pounds off!! Wahoo!!

  3. It sounds like you have it together. Good for you, and your family.