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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Wanted to Say Goodbye...

Hi to any who read my blog,

I just wanted to say that I have met some exceptionally thoughtful people in the blogging community. There are a few of you especially, who have really gone above and beyond in leaving me thoughtful comments on my posts, and lending support when I have needed it. I hope that I was able to offer some support in return.

I have not fallen off the wagon. I'm toeing the line...eating healthy food, but not yet back to the pared down meal plan I was on before. I am more motivated than ever to get healthy.

All that being said, I have to be honest...the blogging experience has not resonated with me the way I had hoped it would. I am deep down in my bones exhausted. It is 2:37 a.m. as I write this. This is the first free moment I've had to myself all day. When I post, it is either in the middle of the night like it is right now, or while my little girl is screaming at me for attention. Because of this I am having a hard time enjoying the blogging process.

I haven't been able to put the effort into blogging that I had hoped to, and honestly, the thought of writing even one post a week feels like an insurmountable chore right now. Does anyone ever feel that way? I am a big believer in giving support as well as receiving it. So, I just wouldn't get anything out of writing posts without interacting with other bloggers.

If I have ever left a comment on your blog, it is because I find it to be interesting and insightful. I feel a kinship with anyone who struggles with their weight.

My plan is to keep looking for a support system. I am seriously needing some face to face interaction. The internet is wonderful. Heck, I met my husband online, but at this point I really need a friend that I can take a walk with or something. I think I need to use the energy I do have to seek out some activity that I can participate in with my daughter that might lead to a possible friendship with another mom.

I hope all of this makes some sense and doesn't seem too terribly dramatic. It definitely seemed wrong to just leave some really good people wondering what the heck happened to me.

Thanks again for the support and interaction. I wish you all the best of luck and good health. We can do this.



  1. Sad to see you go Angie, but i hope you find what you're looking for. I do know what you mean - blogging sometimes requires way more work than i am prepared to put in to it, but at the end of the day i think to myself that "hey, this is MY journal/record - if no-one follows, ok i'd be a bit bummed and i would definitely miss the camaraderie and motivation they give me, but i'm not actually doing this for them, i'm doing it for me".

    I feel you on the face-to-face issue - i know virtually no-one where i live because i have moved around so often the last few years and i'm the opposite of a social butterfly, but human contact always beats on-line "virtual friends" hands-down, any day of the week...and twice on sundays! lol

    That being said, I would like to hear about you getting to goal as i enjoyed reading your posts, so maybe think about leaving your blog in place but taking an extended break from it until you feel like making a post. If you have definitely had it with blog-land then may God speed you on your journey and i hope that your destination is somewhere great. All the best.

    p.s. i googled "walking buddies" and found loads of links to walking groups, people looking for walking partners here in the UK, give that a try where you are and see if you can hook up with someone looking for a walking partner too.

  2. Don't go! I feel like that all the time, and as such have only started writing when something really moves me. Most of the time I just post and lurk on others sites.
    I agree with Phil, the blog is for you-use it as you see fit. Maybe in a few weeks you will find something funny or inspiring or silly or daunting-we will be here if you want to share!

    Polar's Mom

  3. Phil...

    I agree 100% on the extended break idea. I definitely intend on leaving my blog in place. If nothing else, maybe something I wrote can help someone else, or I can reread posts when I need motivation. Maybe I just need to step away for awhile. It's strange how muddled I feel about this whole blogging issue. I have thought: "Hey, just try to maybe keep up with three or four blogs, and let that be your unofficial small circle of support. It may very well be a horrible idea to step away from the support I have found here.

    I think I'm letting how tired and overwhelmed...and yep, lonely I sometimes feel force the issue. I suppose I am trying to prioritize my emotional needs (thus focusing my energy on making a face to face friend). I always think like a shrink as I was a psych student before moving to Washington 2 1/2 years ago. Oh yeah, moving can be really tough. I know virtually no one here myself, and have a really difficult time throwing myself into social situations that might bring new friends into my life. But, I guess like with starting weight loss in the first place, there comes a time when a person has to force his/her self out of their comfort zone, or rut, depending how you look at it. :)

    I have most definitely enjoyed reading your have a unique and funny voice. Great stuff. I have also been googleing walking groups etc. What would we do without google? I can hardly believe I went the majority of my life without it. Maybe I'll make a connection there.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words. If/when I come back I'll pop in and check on you...I have a feeling you will do great things!

  4. Polar's Mom....

    You are probably right...maybe I just need to step away for a few weeks or something. I definitely don't think I am the "post everyday kind of blogger." Now that I've made this *announcement* I'll probably think of tons of things to write about and I'll just be itching to get back to it...but, of course I'll feel like a big dweeb because I went to the trouble of publicly announceing my exit from blogland. I'll just have to not be a wuss and come back anyway. :)

    If I do come back I'll check in and say hi.

    Take care!

  5. Hi Angie,
    I am so glad that you let us know that you will be leaving the blogging world. I, am sorry to see you go. I know it takes an exceptional effort to keep up with our own posts AND be a supportive member of the weight loss blogging community, especially to our own dear followers. I also know that you have little time. It is not acceptable, to me anyway, that you are only finding the time to blog in the middle of the night (when, in my opinion you should be sleeping). So, I understand that you will need to stop blogging. I hope, too, that you will continue to be motivated. I would very much like to hear from you about how you are doing. It is not that I do not think you can do it, I do, but maybe knowing that someone else is hoping to hear from you will help you to stay motivated and focus on regaining your health. There are many reasons that we are obese. My hope is that I can in some way support others, like you, to stay motivated and regain their health far earlier than I did. So, I wish you well.

    I am so glad you reached out to that woman when you were walking at the park. Do it again. And Again.

    Enjoy your little daughter. They grow up so very. fast. Your blogging friend, Michele

  6. Michele,

    I want you to know how much I appreciate the times you reached out to me. I will continue to stay motivated, and will check in with you every once in awhile, as I would love to see you succeed with all of your goals as well.

    The blogging community is very lucky to have you!

    Take care,


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